A place for our babies & children who are gone too soon

Pathway 2.5 currently taking more names!

A few words about the Butterfly Walkway Porirua

This is a memorial pathway, a place where we can remember and create happy memories of our babies and children who have passed away. We do this by placing a personalised plaque/tile in the pathway. It then becomes a place where families can play and enjoy time together whilst surrounding the children who are in the path.

My Daughter Lilly has taken me on a journey I was never be ready for. Learning to live in a world where child loss is a real thing, not just something that happens to other people. My Lilly was able to be a part of the original Butterfly walkway in Nelson, it is such a beautiful and happy memorial that I wanted to bring one to Wellington. The lovely folk at Porirua City Council agreed and we are working together to make it a happen for you all

The pathway shows the life cycle of a Butterfly. Where it begins as an egg, hatches into a Caterpillar and then spreads its wings as a beautiful Butterfly.

The Egg section is for our babies who were born sleeping, carried but never met. The Caterpillar section is for our infants who were held but could not come home and stay. The Butterfly section is for our children who came home but could not stay.

We have completed Pathway 1 (Yellow Path) and  currently planning for Pathway 2 (Orange Path). There are still spots available so If you would like a plaque in Pathway 2, please visit the "Buy A Plaque" page by clicking here.  At this stage we are planning a summer install so late 2019 or early 2020.

The plaques/tiles are all lovingly crafted by the wonderful team at Glover Memorials

Pathway 1 images will be displayed on the site soon. These were captured by the very talented Jake Iwanica of Neptune Photography. Prints can be purchased from him.

I look forward to keeping you all updated as we start to create memories of our babies and children.

Warm hugs....

Sarah & Duane

Duane, Rebecca, Sarah & Ganeshji

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